Who We Are:
We are an organization who understands & supports the beef livestock industry, with a passion for providing fun, family-oriented, educational prospect shows for all youth exhibitors up through Grade 12. At Battle of the Cattle, our FOCUS is on "Raising Good Cattle & Great Kids!"

Our Goals:
The goals of the Battle of the Cattle organization are to (1) provide organized, well-run prospect shows with an innovative steer format using our signature two-judge system, (2) educate youth on the basics of showing cattle (nutrition, daily care, show preparation and showmanship) through educational clinics (These are offered free of charge on during each show. Each seminar will focus on a different topic) . (3) Recognize & reward the youth exhibitors through cash pay-outs, scholarships, prizes and give-aways.

Our Mission:
Battle of the Cattle was formed in order to put on cattle prospect shows that are enjoyable, family-oriented, organized and fair for all exhibitors. We want to provide sessions at each show that will help educate the youth & their families on topics such as nutrition, daily care, show preparation and showmanship. We will strive to hold all of our show officials to a high standard of excellence. We will use our signature two-judge system, in order to ensure the most knowledgeable, fair system possible. Our goal is to provide money & prizes for exhibitors. We understand firsthand the financial challenges and sacrifices that stock show families face and we want our prospect shows to be an opportunity to reward them for their hard work! At Battle of the Cattle, we are here to help you raise good cattle & great kids!

1. This is about KIDS.
2. This is just a stock show.
3. We respect our judges, classifiers & volunteers.
4. Showing livestock is about building character. It's up to
US to show kids what good character looks like.
5. We like to have fun at our shows ... Relax & Enjoy!